I'm Nicholas Cameron, an independent consultant, software engineer, and Rust educator. I'm known online as nrc. I offer software development consulting, and training and support to help clients learn and adopt Rust. I have specific expertise using Rust to implement databases, distributed systems, and developer tools.

I was a member of Rust's core team and have contributed to Rust's language design, tools (IDE support, Rustfmt, Cargo, etc.), compiler, and standard library. I worked on TiDB and TiKV (distributed databases) at PingCAP. I have over ten years experience using, designing, and implementing Rust. I've helped teams to adopt Rust at Microsoft (where I was a principal software engineer), Mozilla, and several startups. I have a PhD in type systems, and research and teaching experience from academia. Find out more about me.

I freedive, and offer coaching and instruction in freediving in Wellington, Aoteroa New Zealand.

Adopting a new technology is tough, especially one as fundamental as a programming language. I can help make the process easier. I offer consultancy to evaluate Rust's costs and benefits for your team, and to assist in developing an adoption strategy; I offer training courses and coaching to help teams learn Rust and use it effectively; and I offer team augmentation, design review, and library maintenance to provide specialist expertise when you need it.