Nicholas Cameron

I am a senior research engineer at Mozilla Research. I lead the Rust dev-tools team and am part of the Rust core team, I'm also part of the language and compiler teams. My individual work has recently been on IDE support and Rustfmt. I've also worked on the compiler, language design, and other tools. Previously I worked on graphics and layout for Firefox.

I was a research fellow at Victoria University of Wellington and a phd student at Imperial College London. My research was on programming language theory, mostly type systems. I supervised a PhD student, Paley Li, as well as BSc and MSc students and taught courses on programming and programming theory.

cv; publications (out of date); a recent talk on 'Rust Programming Techniques'.

I like free diving (I'm part of the Lazy Seals Freediving Club committee and am involved with teaching new divers, and organising training and competitions, as well as training regularly), swimming, Buddhism, coding (recently I've been learning iOS dev with Swift, and ray tracing), coffee, snowboarding, rock climbing, scuba diving, yoga, walking, traveling to interesting places, reading.


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