Nicholas Cameron

I am a senior engineer at PingCAP where I work on distributed systems and databases. I lead the Rust project Cargo team and am part of the Rust core team. Previously I worked on Rust's tools, language design, compiler, and leadership as a research engineer at Mozilla, before that on graphics and layout for Firefox.

I was a research fellow at Victoria University of Wellington and a phd student at Imperial College London. My research was on programming language theory, mostly type systems. I supervised a PhD student, Paley Li, as well as BSc and MSc students and taught courses on programming and programming theory.

cv (out of date); publications (also out of date).

I like freediving (I was part of the Lazy Seals Freediving Club committee and was involved with teaching new divers, and organising training and competitions; I've competed at a national level - I won overall 3rd place at the pool nationals in 2018), swimming, Buddhism, coding, coffee, snowboarding, rock climbing, scuba diving, yoga, walking, reading.


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