These Weeks in Dev-tools #1


Welcome to the first ever issue of 'These Weeks in Dev-Tools'! The dev-tools team is responsible for developer tools for Rust developers. That means any tools a developer might use (or want to use) when reading, writing, or debugging Rust code, such as Rustdoc, IDEs, editors, Racer, bindgen, Clippy, Rustfmt, etc.

These Weeks in Dev-Tools will keep you up to date with all the exciting news in this area. We plan to have a new issue every few weeks. If you have any news you'd like us to report, please comment on the tracking issue.

If you're interested in Rust's developer tools and want to contribute or ask questions, come chat to us in #rust-dev-tools.




  • @photoszzt has been re-writing various ad-hoc computations into fix-point analyses in Bindgen:
    • whether we can add derive(Debug) to a struct: rust-lang-nursery/rust-bindgen#824
    • and whether a struct has a virtual table: rust-lang-nursery/rust-bindgen#850
  • @topecongiro for doing sustained, impressive work on Rustfmt - implementing the new RFC style, fixing (literally) hundreds of bugs, and lots more.
  • Shout out to @TedDriggs for continuing to push Racer forward. Jwilm and the rest of Racer's users continue to appreciate all your hard work!


We've had a bunch of meetings. You can find all the minutes here. Some that might be interesting: