Social media update

I've been a bit quiet on social media the past few months (more on what I've been up to in an upcoming post). I would like to write a bit more in the near future, mostly here on this blog, but also on various social media platforms.

Twitter used to be my go-to spot for work-related stuff, but since the acquisition, I want to use it less and find it a less useful and fun place to be. Since there has been a bit of a diversification of social media, I thought I'd enumerate the places where I might post:

  • Twitter (X): nick_r_cameron. I'll continue to read occasionally and post announcements or stuff I feel needs reach.
  • Mastodon:
  • Blue Sky:
  • LinkedIn: Nicholas Cameron. I don't really use LinkedIn, though I maintain my network there. I might start using it in the future when I'm looking for work again.
  • GitHub: nrc I don't believe GitHub is social media, but it seems to be adding more and more social features, so for the sake of completeness, it's here too.